ProSeries 07


  • Sizes & Shape


    Custom Option: If you want a custom board in terms of size and different from those suggested by Folha choose this option and please contact us for clarification. This option also has no additional costs.




Its main features are:
1) Polyvinil Airex C70 with 75 Kg density
2) 18mm shaped thickness
3) Carbon Top (Normal)
4) S-Glass (Bottom & Top)
5) Textured Special Finish

It has great handling on any type of sea and due to its line of curvature progressively developed by our brand will achieve waves far from the beach more easily and then surfing them with greater fluidity, speed and control.

Infos Materials:

Board Weight:
1,8 Kg – 2,2 Kg

Attention: If you want this model with other colors or with other technical options contact us.

Unlike other brands that use in this range of boards low-quality foam, FOLHA SKIMBOARDS manufactures all its models in this range of boards in structural foam (Foam Core) polyvinyl with excellent quality of the famous Swiss brand AIREX.

Note: If you want to put a name on the board, please indicate this in your order or contact us.

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