Regarding our TEAM, Folha Skimboards has decided to suspend it until we find another solution that better serves the needs of young athletes but also the natural interests of our brand.

The Lufi Skimboard School located in Costa da Caparica was initially (2017) a project designed by FOLHA SKIMBOARDS and implemented by skimer Kika Freire who at the time had the support of our brand. The success of this school was enormous, benefiting from the great support that our brand gave it and its effective publicity, taking advantage of the experience, but also the prestige that our brand has in Portugal. Equally important to this success was the enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism demonstrated by skimer Kika Freire. A few years later, she had to take the FPSurf teaching course to continue teaching.
Years later and for various reasons, our brand stopped supporting this Skimboard school but also the athlete Kika Freire. Despite this, we continued and continue to advise our clients to contact this school and teacher Kika Freira if they are interested in taking Skimboard classes and training, especially as alternatives are almost non-existent.
Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of top Portuguese skimers with more experience in the sport do not have the desire or an entrepreneurial attitude to create Skimboard schools themselves, as happens in the USA on both the east and west coasts, where there are many schools.
In Portugal, it is FPSurf that officially oversees the Skimboard modality but does nothing in the area of teaching and training as is its obligation and as many other federations of other sports do. Unfortunately this is the reality of Portuguese Skimboarding!…