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1 – Which board to choose?2022-10-14T15:27:42+01:00

The choice of the most suitable model is very important for a good practice in the Skimboard but also for a safe evolution in this sport. For this reason in the first place it is necessary to have the notion of the level that the person has to later acquire the most suitable model for his case.

a) If you are a beginner skimer because you have never practiced Skimboard we advise you to use the Foamcolor model because it is ideal for learning the basics of this sport. For kids the Skimkid  is the model indicated.

b) If you are an intermediate skimer because you have Skimboard for some time and want to evolve to the waves or slightly larger then you need a larger model and in this case we advise the Wave model.

c) If it is an intermediate skimer, but already with some experience opt for the Evolution model that has the dimensions and some of the characteristics of the advanced models.

d) If you are already an advanced skimer because you have been practicing the so-called Wave Skimboard for some time then in this case choose a better model as is the case of our model Prorider because it has several important technical options available.

e) The X-Pro model is suitable for advanced skimers with a lot of experience and for competition.

f) The Speeder model is only suitable for practicing freestyle on flat beaches and not for wave skimboard.

2 – What is the most appropriate size?2021-05-22T23:09:50+01:00

It is very important to have the size of your board depending on your weight, but also depending on your height. All models manufactured by Folha Skimboards have several sizes available so choose the most suitable for your weight. If you are considered a tall person for the weight you have then we advise you to choose the size above. Please refer to the respective tables available for each model.

3 – Which is the suitable material?2021-05-22T23:09:50+01:00

Main Materiais

Folha Skimboards manufactures its various models with 2 main different types of main materials.

Cork especially developed by the company AMORIM for various identical applications as in the case of manufacturing kayaks, boats, etc. We use this ecological and innovative material in Skimkid (Color and Cork) models but also in Wave Cork and Prorider Cork models.

Structural Foam (Foam Core) polyvinyl with excellent quality of this famous Swiss brand. Also used in the manufacture of kayaks, wakeboards, surfboards kite surfing, windsurfing boards, etc. We use plates of different qualities and different densities of the various models that we have available and are manufactured with this material.


As coating all types of Folha Skimboards are manufactured using polyester resin and fiberglass as happens in other types of boards such as the Surf.

We use standard fiberglass E-Glass but we have available in some models a better quality and with greater resistance called S-Glass. We also have available Carbon Fiber in some models making the board extremely resistant and more rigid but also considerably more expensive.

4 – How to take care of your board2023-06-06T16:41:15+01:00

The duration of your board depends of the care you have with her.
1. Never leave your board exposed to the sun on a hot day or inside a closed car. Boards subject to high temperatures can create small air bubbles, especially on the bottom.
2. Be careful if there are rocks or stones on the beach because they can damage it.
3. Sometimes the dings that the boards have happen in your transport so the ideal is to get a bag that protects you board.
4. Pass from time to time freshwater by your board to take away sea salt that it is accumulated.
5. Be careful when you jump up the board because this is a major reason why they break down. The same happens when we realize that we will be late to a wave so in these cases it is best to leave your board and dive because if you do not do the wave can break your board with the impact.
6. Repair or send repair more severe dings because they can damage the board but also impair its performance.





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