1 – How do I place orders?2017-02-28T23:05:33+01:00

Through the website
The site has an online store so follow all the information that there are and also all the steps needed to buy some articles. After making your purchase through our online store you will receive an email from us to confirm your purchase with the value of the delivery cost that is not calculated on the purchase. Will request more information such as your name, address and telephone contact. It will also be informed of the payment methods we have available and receive other important information relatively to your purchase such as delivery time, etc., etc. It will also be asked if you prefer to get your purchase in our Skim Shop in Loures because in this case you will not have to pay the delivery cost. Please note that only after the payment made is that the purchases will be considered valid.

By Email or Fax
Send us by email or fax all the information necessary to your order and the description of items desired. Then you will receive a reply by email with all necessary information to make valid your purchase.

Directly in our Skim Shop
Our Skim Shop is located in Loures (Portugal) and in this site you will find a map of their location.

2 – What is the delivery time?2017-02-28T23:04:56+01:00

Boards by orders
We only begin to make boards ordered after we receive the proof of payment. The time of delivery varies from 2 to 10 days depending on time of year and orders we have at the moment. When you order through this site, by mail, by fax or directly in our Skim Shop you will be informed for the delivery time. For orders that are raised directly in our Skim Shop by our customers we will send an email or mobil message to infom that your order is ready. Then you can get your order in is working hours (see “Skim Shop” menu).

Boards and others articles in stock
Usually the delivery time will be from 3 to 5 days after we receive the proof of payment.

3 – What is the cost of delivery?2017-02-28T23:13:25+01:00

To have an idea of the delivery cost that the Folha Skimboards will charge for shipping of your order here is the price list that we use but can be changed at any time depending on the increases that the carriers and the postal charge for their services.

Portugal Continental, Madeira and Azores15€17€20€
Spain Peninsular20€22€25€
IIslands in Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy. Luxembourg, Monaco and Switzerland35€40€48€
Angola, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Denmark, Great Britain, Guinea-Bissau, Norway, Mozambique, Poland, Ireland, Sao Tome and Principe, Sweden and Ukraine43€50€60€
South Africa, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Russia, United States, Guinea, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Peru, Timor-Leste. Tunisia. Uruguay and Venuzuela60€75€98€
Australia, China (Rep. Pop), South Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand and Taiwan88€116€159€


(*) Skimbags, Decks, T-Shirts, etc.
Portugal Continental, Madeira and Azores5€
Out of Europe24€

For others Delivery Costs Countries please send us an e-mail, before making your order, with the following informations:
Country and the Quantity of the models or articles you want order. You will receive the Delivery Cost information for your order also by e-mail as soon as possible.

The boards will be delivered directly to your address through our Transportation Company or Portugal Mail (some countries).If you order boards and ordering also one or more Extras you have to pay only the Delivery Cost for boards.
For extras orders up to 2 Kg we have other delivery cost. You wil receive this information later.
If you order only one or more stickers you must pay 1,00 € and delivery by Portugal Mail.

4 – How to pay?2018-05-22T18:13:55+01:00

International check or postal order
In order of: João Lapa Barreiros
Address: Rua Fernando de Oliveira, nº1 – 1º Esq. 2660-258 STO ANTÓNIO DOS CAVALEIROS – PORTUGAL
Nota: Dirija-se ao seu banco ou a uma estação dos Correios e peça informações sobre estas formas de pagamento.

Bank transfer informations
Name: João Lapa Barreiros
Address: Rua Fernando de Oliveira, nº1 – 1º Esq. 2660-258 STO ANTÓNIO DOS CAVALEIROS – PORTUGAL
Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos (Sto Ant. Cavaleiros)
IBAN: PT50 0035 0733 0000 1948 43119

Please send as soon as possible the payment proof by fax or e-mail (scan) to formalize your order. Through your bank you can send also automatically the payment proof using our e-mail info@folhaskimboards.com
For more info, please contact your bank.

5 – What should I do when I receive the order by Carrier?2017-02-28T22:59:19+01:00

When you get your package, and before signing the guide, immediately check the interior for damage. If there is, return the package to our Transportation Company and contact us as soon as possible. If for any reason the Transportation Company driver does not want or will not have possibility to wait for such verification, please always places reserves in the Act of the Delivery in the guide of the driver when to sign. If after complete interior verification you find any damage board contact us as soon as possible. Folha Skimboards do not accepted claims caused for damages of transportation if this procedure will not be made by our customers.

6 – What is the warranty of the product?2017-02-28T22:58:09+01:00

When you get your package and before signing in the guide that is given by our Transportation, verify first if it didn’t arrive damaged. If it is damaged, please return it through our Transportation and contact us as soon as possible. Folha Skimboards repairs or substitutes the article that has manufacture defect. First contact us and if it is necessary we will authorize the reshipment of the same (properly wrapped). Folha Skimboards does not warrant against wear incurred during normal use and does not warrant against boards improperly cared for. The care for these skimboards is similar to care for surf boards or longboards.

7 – If you need to repair your board?2017-02-28T22:57:43+01:00

We only do repairs on board of our brand. Move on to our Skim Shop in Loures (see map in the “Skim Shop” menu) to know the budget of its repair and leave it to repair if you accept the budget. If you are unable to go to our store you have two options to send it (Transportation Company or Mail) but in both cases you will have to pay all the delivery cost and the cost of repair.

By carrier to:
João Lapa Barreiros
Rua Casal de Entre Matos, nº31 Tojalinho

By mail to:
João Lapa Barreiros
Rua Fernando de Oliveira, nº1 – 1º Esq.

Atention: Send us the board to repair properly packaged and protected especially in the lateral sides, nose and tail.