The FOLHA SKIMBOARDS brand was created in 1986 by João Barreiros at a time when the sports-waves had a great boom in Portugal specialy the Surf


At that time it was visible on the portugueses beaches several young people to slide in flat beaches with small boards of wood as was the case of the beaches of Costa da Caparica. After having participated in the late 80 in Expo Nauticampo Lisbon where were present the representatives of almost all brands of surf Folha Skimboards began to be more known by the public.

It was however after having supported the 1st Skimming Championship 1989 in Guincho Beach organized by a local Surf Clube and João Barreiros have known Miguel Rato (owner of another brand under the name Rato Skimboards) that our brand began to develop larger models for waves. The friendship between João Barreiros and Miguel Rato (skimer from Oeiras) was crucial to the development of ours models.

Through the best knowledge that Miguel Rato was of skimboarding that it was practiced in the U.S. especially in the famous beach of Laguna Beach (California) our brand can made a better and faster development of is boards using the various materials used by american manufacturers.


In 1991 Folha Skimboards held its 1st tournament on the beach in S. Pedro do Estoril that past few years, it would become the most famous beach and more tradition existing in Portugal for the practice of this sport. With the emergence of private television in 1992 and the special contribuition by SIC and its program “Portugal Radical”, the Skimming was a great increase in the number of practitioners. Miguel Rato began working in the manufacture of our boards and with João Barreiros created the Portuguese Club of Skimming organizing various National Circuit, Cup of Portugal, European and International contributing to the affirmation of Portugal and its best athletes in Europe and in World.

With the help of the various elements that our Team has over the years, with emphasis on the skimers Hugo Santos, Lino Curado, Jose Costa and Pedro Lopes, our models always evolved with innovative ideas in its manufacture and in the various technical opctions available with intent to manufacture the best boards for the kind of beaches and waves that exist in Portugal and for the taste of portuguese skimers.


Currently our brand supports several Portuguese Skimers, but also from other nationalities giving preference to young athletes (TEAM BOYS & GIRLS) because we know that they are the future of this sport and because this is our philosophy and also our current sponsorship policy. We also to support several girls (TEAM FOLHA GIRLS) in order to attract girls to this sport, mainly practiced by boys.


We currently collaborate with the Lufi Skimboard School led by our athlete Kika Freire in order to help the growth and development of this sport in Portugal. We understand that the training of young athletes is very important to achieve these goals and that is what we are working with the help of several people.


We do not talk we do, we actually make things happen since 1986 !…

We so proud to be a 100% Portuguese brand, we had a very important role in the development of this sport in our country, we have an exclusively domestic production, we have had over the years a good relationship with our customers whether they private or tenants and do not have an elitist idea of this sport and why we have always presented a very full range of boards from the models for kids beginners to competition models to the most advanced athletes. We are a brand that is proud of its past but is more interested in the future and help you continue to make to the development of this sport.

If Skimming is your passion, Folha is your choice !…