The FOLHA SKIMBOARDS since the year it was created (1986) has sponsored and supported several athletes in order to have a greater recognition among practitioners of this sport as happens in other sports. It is also a way to help spread the skimboard and its athletes as it is also the many championships have organized and/or supported in the past or even some existing schools that count with the collaboration of our team athletes. Still has the important purpose of assisting in the evolution of its elements and the development and improvement of their boards as happens in most sports.

Many were athletes who over the years belonged to our Team (Hugo Santos, José Costa, Mega, Lino Curado, Miguel Santos, Joana Ferreira, Maria João Rebelo, Sofia Lopes, Pedro Lopes, Rafael Castillo, Simão Pinto, Alfonso Ruíz between many others) and although for various reasons have had several problems with some of them we never let that certain attitudes and certain behaviors that alter the philosophy and principles that have always defended and will continue to defend because that is one of the important features of our brand.

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