15th March 2021


Wednesdays to Saturdays
9h-13h e 15h-18h
We closed on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Holidays

3rd January 2021


In this new year of 2021, Folha Skim Boards is restructuring some aspects due to the modality’s current status. As far as our team is concerned, this year’s focus will be mainly on supporting the younger generation. The goal is to have a team that supports children and young people as the number of practitioners has been increasing, motivated and interested in evolving in the sport. We did a “reset” in our team, at the moment no athlete belongs to Team Folha Skimboards. News soon!



12th September 2020


Because we are closed from SEPTEMBER 12 to OCTOBER 12, if you placed an order online on this site it will be ineffective. However, you can activate it again, if you wish, starting on October 12, just by sending us an email asking to reactivate this order. You will then receive an email from us with the Delivery Time, Payment Methods and the value of the Shipping if this is the case. You can also cancel this order and then place a new one.

3th September 2020

We will be closed from September 12th to October 12th. For this reason anyone who wants to visit our Skim Shop in Loures to buy or order a board or other item can only do so after October 12th. The same for leaving planks to repair or ordering through this site.