Low Cost

//Low Cost

Low Cost


Models suitable for beginners and intermediate skimmers.

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    Skimkid - 80€
    Only Size - 102 cm x 43 cm (até 45Kg)

    Foamcolor - 110€
    L - 122 cm x 50 cm (75Kg - 90Kg)
    M - 117 cm x 48 cm (60Kg - 75Kg)
    S - 112 cm x 46 cm (45Kg - 60Kg)

    Wave - 130€
    L - 128 cm x 51 cm (75Kg - 90Kg)
    M - 124 cm x 49 cm (60Kg - 75Kg)
    S - 120 cm x 47 cm (45Kg - 60Kg)



Models manufactured with the same process and with the same characteristics of the normal versions but that have a unique look, textured finish and have no other options available.


It’s the ideal for the kids to learn the basics of this sport, slide on flat beaches and for those who what to start maneuvers in the waves.
Made on Polyvinil Airex T92.100 with 12mm thickness, polyester resin and fiberglass E-Glass
Board Weight: 1,2Kg



It’s suitable for those who want to start up and learn the basics of this sport because it has all the characteristics for that purpose. The boards are very light and have good fluctuation allowing you to perform some maneuvers in small waves helping you to envolve in a correct and gradual way in this sport. For these reasons is the version most used in Skimboarding schools.
Made on Polyvinil Airex C70.55 with 15mm thickness, polyester resin and fiberglass E-Glass.
Board Weight: 1,6Kg – 1,9Kg



Great to go to practice Skimboard on medium wave because the sizes available for this model are larger than those available to the Foamcolor model and because they also have greater fluctuation because they are made of foam with 17mm thickness.
Made on Polyvinil Airex C70.55 with 17mm thickness, polyester resin and fiberglass E-Glass.
Board Weight: 1,6Kg – 2,1Kg


Infos Materials:


Unlike other brands that use in this range of boards low-quality foam, FOLHA SKIMBOARDS manufactures all its models in this range of boards in structural foam (Foam Core) polyvinyl with excellent quality of the famous swiss brand AIREX.